Journal Articles

Legislator Pivotality and Voter Accountability
Political Research Quarterly (2024), with Daniel Butler, Sarah Anderson, and Laurel Harbridge-Yong

Place, Race, and the Politics of White Grievance
Political Behavior (2023), with Ryan Dawkins, B. Kal Munis, and Francesca Verville

Emotional Reactions to COVID-19 Projections and Consequences for Protective Attitudes and Behavior
Political Psychology  44 (5), 1053 - 1076 (2023), with Jenn Merolla, Seth Hill, Mac Lockhart, Thad Kousser, and Mindy Romero

From Super Minority to Super Majority: “Critical Mass” and Legislative Influence
Party Politics 29 (6), 1161–1168 (2023), with Janine Parry

Incorporating Gender Politics into Introduction to US Government Curriculum
College Teaching 70(3), 358 - 363 (2022), with Kelly Piazza and Seth Hill

Measuring the Rural Continuum in Political Science
Political Analysis 29 (3), 267 - 286 (2021), with Melissa Rogers

Contentious Federalism: Sheriffs, State Legislatures, and Political Violence in the American West
Political Behavior 43 (1), 247-270 (2021)

The Source of the Legislative Professionalism Advantage: Attracting More Knowledgeable Candidates
State Politics and Policy Quarterly 20(4), 416-436 (2020), with Dan Butler

Book Chapter

Serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

Strategies for Navigating Graduate School and Beyond (2022), with Bianca Rubalcava

Book Review

Book Review: Rural Republican Realignment in the Modern South: The Untold Story

Public Opinion Quarterly 87(2), 462-465 (2023) 

Under Review

Rural Residency, Rural Resentment, and Attitudes Toward Public Land Management in the United States, with Kal Munis

Invited to Revise & Resubmit at Environmental Politics

Water Quality Funding: Predicting State Allocation Shares Under the Water Quality Act of 1987, with Joe Airstrup and John Morris

Invited to Revise & Resubmit at Publius

Legislative Control and Partisan Disparities in Dyadic Representation, with Dan Butler and Steve Rogers

Rural Constituencies and Perceptions of Respect in American State Governments