I am a PhD candidate in the political science department at the University of California, San Diego. My research focuses on political institutions, state politics, representation, and rural politics. You can read my Political Behavior article on federalism and political violence here.

My dissertation and book project investigates the policy preferences and political representation of rural people by state governments. My research is motivated by two questions:

  1. How are rural voters different from their non-rural co-partisans? Specifically, which issues are geographically divisive for the Republican and Democratic parties?

  2. When rural and non-rural partisans disagree, whose preferences are represented by elected officials?

To answer these questions, I calculate a new measure for the social and economic policy preferences of rural Americans by state and by party. I assess the quality of rural representation in the states by looking at the congruence between state legislative outcomes and rural preferences.

Please feel free to contact me at zoenemerever@gmail.com.